As mobile gaming stagnates, people are spending less time (and more money) playing games

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The top games on mobile in 2015 are the same games that were at the top of the charts in 2012 — and that incessant domination of just a handful of apps is starting to take its toll on the audience.

Gamers spent less time playing on mobile in 2015 than they did in 2014, according toYahoo's analytics firm, Flurry. Gaming made up 32 percent of the total time people spent on their mobile devices lat year, but that number plummeted to only 15 percent through this year. That's a 37 percent decline from 52 minutes each day to just 33 minutes. You can find a lot of culprits for this evaporation of time spent on games, but Flurry blames new technology and the very nature of mobile games.

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