Ashes Cricket 2013 won't support motion controls

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Ashes Cricket 2013 won't feature motion control support, game producer Jamie Firth has revealed.

Firth spoke about motion controls in response to a fan question on the second edition of the Ashes Cricket 2013 podcast.

First, there's no way that you want to bowl with motion controls. It's too tiring to the vast majority of people. Test matches, with all those long spells, and all that energy [required]; no way,” Firth said.

With batting, what you really want is one-to-one movement. You want it to behave exactly like a bat, using the controller as the grip. It seems to make sense, but if it is one-to-one movement, you'd basically have to be a professional cricketer to play it properly,” he said, adding, It might work really well as a simulator or as net practice, but I don't think it works as a game.”

It would be awesome fun to have it as a ‘nets mode', where you could practice batting. It's a great idea and something I would definitely consider looking at further down the road,” he said.

The other way you could use motion control is to somehow interpret motions and help the player out a bit. The previous learning from Wii cricket titles is that it's a little too simplistic and not enough of a challenge. It sacrifices a lot of gameplay and simplifies it to the point that it's mirroring what you'd be doing with the controller. It's not really true motion control,” Firth said.

One of the most asked questions amongst the game's community has been regarding the complete lack of in-game screenshots so far. Firth said that licenses tied to everything from the squads to the sponsors to the stadia meant that screenshots could only be released once clearances were acquired from all concerned parties, hence resulting in a lack of screenshots so far.

Ashes Cricket 2013 is scheduled for release on 21st June for Xbox 360, PS3, PC, and Wii U. It is being developed by Trickstar Games, who also developed International Cricket 2010, but the new game employs a brand new game engine.

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