Atari to lose Dragon Ball Z licence in US?

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reports that Infogrames publisher Atari could be facing the possibility of losing the highly lucrative Dragon Ball Z franchise, following a disagreement with licensor FUNimation.

However, MCV understands that Atari's right to publish the games in Central Europe will remain unaffected, regardless of the US outcome. The publisher licenses the franchise from Bandai in the territory.

A recent regulatory filing from FUNimation 'delivered a notice purporting to terminate the license agreements based on alleged breaches of the license agreements'.

It went on to add: 'In the event that FUNimation is successful in terminating the license agreements it could have a material adverse effect on the company's results of operations and financial position.'

The Dragon Ball Z series continues to be a big success in the children's market, and currently spurns several games a year for Atari.