AUSSIE CHARTS: Party time for Mario and SingStar

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Social gaming seems to be the order of the day down under this week as three of the top four best-selling titles show a penchant for partying.

While Wii title Mario Party 8 tops the charts, SingStar Pop Hits comes in second, while Sony's Eyetoy Sports bundle comes in at four.

The family-friendly feel is emphasised further by the presence of Cars, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, Transformers and Spectrobes, alongside the continued success of both titles in the Brain Training series.

So, the complete full price, all format top ten for Australia, courtesy of GfK, goes as follows:

1) Mario Party 8 (Wii)
2) SingStar Pop Hits bundle (PS2)
3) Cars (Wii)
4) Eyetoy Sports Bundle (PS2)
5) Pokemon Diamond (DS)
6) Transformers (PS2)
7) Spectrobes (DS)
8) Pokemon Pearl (DS)
9) More Brain Training (DS)
10) Dr Kawashima's Brain Training (DS)