Bad Juju acquires digital games platform Desura from Linden Lab

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Linden Lab has sold off computer games storefront Desura, after having acquired the digital distribution service just last year.

Gamasutra reports middleware tools developer Bad Juju Games has purchased the service from Linden Lab.

Bad Juju states it will be able to bring new features to the Steam competitor, including cloud storage, player and developer profiles, player stats, achievements and leaderboards.

Linden Lab acquired Desura seemingly out of the blue from its founders in July 2013, with CEO Rod Humble calling the service a great fit” at the time.

Less than a year and a half later, the Second Life developer is moving on – stating it is looking to build "the next generation of virtual worlds," and Desura does not fit into that vision.

Desura specializes mainly in indie games and mods for both AAA and indie titles, offering a variety of PC, Mac and Linux products.