Ballmer backtracks on 360 Natal SKU claims

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After a few attempts to cool rising speculation surrounding a new Xbox 360 SKU, Microsoft has turned to its CEO, Steve Ballmer – the very individual who provoked the rumours – to adequately close the debate.

Last week the idiosyncratic Microsoft boss reportedly claimed that a ‘new' Xbox 360 is due to arrive in 2010 along with the release of Project Natal. Microsoft representatives have since cast doubt on such a plan, but – visibly – such comments were not definitive enough to settle the growing rumours.

With Microsoft unable to dissolve the buzz, the company's CEO has released a statement to IGN:

There is no news in my comments. Things are as reported after E3. Sorry.”

Ballmer confirmed that his comments last week were more accidental and unintended than they appeared. I confused the issue with my poorly chosen words,” he said.

Project Natal remains without an official launch date.

Story originally published on Develop