Battlefield Evolved and Dark Knight Rises appear in retail list

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A 2012 release schedule from a major UK High Street retailer obtained by MCV has mentioned two new titles for the first time.

Firstly, it suggests that Warner Bros' upcoming summer movie hit The Dark Knight Rises will be accompanied by a video game tie-in.

Furthermore, owing to the nature of the in formation MCV obtained, it suggests a physical release rather than a smaller-scale digital title.

Also on the list is a game called Battlefield Evolved. No further details are known.

With EA planning a big push for Medal of Honor: Warfighter this Q4, a fully-fledged Battlefield release seems unlikely. It may be that the SKU includes Battlefield 3 and all of its DLC.

Both games are supposedly scheduled for the autumn.

The final item of note is a proposed autumn release for Rockstar's Grand Theft Auto V.

General consensus points to a 2013 release for the title, but with the New Xbox out in 2013 does Rockstar really want to release its key IP right at the end of a generation?