BBC: Master Chief to resolve Syrian conflict

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The United Nations is no stranger to accusations of political impotence, but have things got so bad that the iconic Master Chief is being drafted in?

In a news report last week about Amnesty International's call for intervention from the United Nations Security Council in Syria, the BBC used a logo for the United Nations Space Command – as featured in the Halo series.

Indeed, search for ‘united nations security council logo' in Google and you get mostly correct results – apart from a solitary UNSC Halo image. Which was presumably snapped up by editors.

Unless, of course, that the BBC was deliberately calling for more radical intervention. Indeed, the Chief is certainly a man who gets the job done”.

Once he's sorted Syria let's get him working on the global economic slump, shall we? And then appoint him as the new Liverpool manager.

On a serious note, Syria is currently engulfed in an ongoing conflict that politicians have warned may descend into civil war. An incident described as "an uprising" late last week in the town of Houla claimed at least 108 lives - almost half of which are believed to be children.

The United Nations is now coming under increasing pressure to make a meaningful intervention.

UPDATE: For those of you doubting the authenticity of this story, Microsoft UK's social marketing manager Graeme Boyd says he has been "told this is real". And here's a video for you to judge for yourselves: