BETHESDA: Our Fallout 4 special edition gimmick 'is the best f'ing one.'

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The special edition of Fallout 4 will include a real working Pip-Boy that uses a second screen smartphone app.

In the words of Bethesda's Todd Howard: "In terms of stupid gimmicks, this is the best f***ing one.”

The Pip-Boy is a device that Fallout 4's hero wears, it allows players to take part in mini-games, update their stats and more.

The Pip-Boy device allows gamers to insert a smartphone, and with a free app, gamers can use their Pip-Boy as if it was the real thing.

It is a gimmick, and it's a pretty cool one. There currently isn't a price for the product, although Amazon US has it up for $119.99, which is just over 77.