Bioshock Infinite Season Pass confirms at least three DLC packs planned

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Irrational Games has announced Bioshock Infinite will seek the ways of the Season Pass for post-launch content.

The pass, priced at $19.99/1600 MS Points, gives player's access to three all-new” DLC packs. Those who go with the pass will save $10 versus buying each add-on individually – meaning each will cost $10 on its own.

Purchasing the pass will also score buyers the Early Bird Special Pack for free. It includes machine gun and pistol damage upgrades, gold skins for the aforementioned weapons, four pieces of gear, and a handful of Infusion bottles.

The Season Pass will be made available on March 26th, the same day Bioshock Infinite itself launches, on PC, PS3, and Xbox 360 – though players can pre-order right away.