Black Ops beta kept internal

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Consumers hoping to try out Call Of Duty: Black Ops before its release may not want to hold their breath over it.

Treyarch, the development studio behind the eagerly awaited shooter, has said it has no plans for a public beta at this time - despite yesterday's rumours than an open beta would be exclusively available on Xbox 360.

These claims were dismissed during a multiplayer reveal event in Los Angeles, in which the studio detailed Black Ops' new modes and features.

Speaking to CVG, community manager Josh Olin said: "We're already doing an internal beta with all sorts of Activision studios - thousands of people are participating in our beta.

"That's the only formal beta that we're planning at the moment. There were a lot of misconceptions, confusion and Google ads. There was some speculation that we'd be launching a public beta tonight - that's not happening. The beta is internal only right now."