Bleszinski heaps praise on Natal

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Cult developer and design director at developer Epic Games Cliff Bleszinski has expressed his interest in the motion control movement that's currently enveloping the console sector, singling out Natal as the technology that interests him most.

I find motion controls to be very interesting, very compelling,” he told IGN.

The ones I personally like the most are Natal-like, where I don't have to have yet another plastic controller cluttering up my coffee table. Just fire it up, and do very, very cool movements with interesting results.”

Reading the comments, it's hard not to put two and two together and conclude that Gears of War 3 could include some sort of Natal functionality, though Cliff remained cryptic.

The kind of game that I think would be most interesting is a hybrid,” he added.

Maybe something where I'm playing with a controller and then your significant other can sit on the sofa and do hand gesture-based things, and the two characters kind of interact that way so it's kind of bringing the hardcore and the casual together in a compelling fashion.”