Bleszinski offers to help Capcom "fix" Resident Evil

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Former Epic games designer and development star Cliff Bleszinski has expressed a desire to work on future Resident Evil titles.

Hey, Capcom. Call me. We can fix Resident Evil. Together. :-),” he said on Twitter over the weekend.

By fix”, of course, Cliffy B is referencing the lukewarm critical reception awarded to Capcom's most recent RE release Resident Evil 6 which has a Metacritic average of 67 per cent on Xbox 360 and 76 per cent on PS3.

These scores are in themselves really not that bad though do represent a significant downturn in fortunes from recent titles such as Resident Evil 4 (96 per cent), Resident Evil 5 (83 per cent), Resident Evil: Revelations (82 per cent) and Resident Evil 4 HD (84 per cent).

Cliffy B has worked on a number of highly-rated action outings such as Bulletstorm, Shadow Complex, Unreal Tournament III and, most notably, the Gears of War series.

He left Epic Games earlier this month.