Blockbuster UK is not coming back, says owner

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Rental and retail giant Blockbuster UK is still dead, says the company's US licence holder.

Earlier this week, Jack FM owner Crash Entertainment posted on its website that it had acquired the Blockbuster brand, would be launching 10 High Street shops and rebranding existing stores, and putting a Blockbuster video-on-demand service on Virgin Media's TIVO service.

Except, it transpired, TIVO had never heard of such a thing, and Crash soon removed the rather detailed press statement - featuring quotes from Blockbuster's own Dish Network - from its website.

So what's the truth? We asked Dish Network who said:

Contrary to media reports, DISH Network Corporation and Blockbuster L.L.C. have not entered into any licensing agreements for the Blockbuster brand in the UK, nor has it made any statements on the subject."

We've reached out to Crash to ask it what it's playing at.