Bloodstained Vita port confirmed as Kickstarter campaign nears end

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Koji Igarashi's Kickstarter sensation Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night has met a stretch goal promising a PS Vita port for the upcoming title.

Anupdate postfor the campaign notes the Vita port is being developed by Armature, the same studio that will be developing the Wii U port promised at the $3m threshold when it was reached last week. Funding currently sits at $3.72m from nearly 45,000 backers.

The question remains of whether funding will exceed $4m prior to the end of the campaign. It seems likely, given Bloodstained's Kickstarter still has three days to reach the milestone and there tends to be a rush of funding near the conclusion of crowdfunding campaigns – especially given the success of this one.

Bloodstained arrived on Kickstarter less than a month agoseeking $500,000 to funddevelopment for release on Windows PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.