Brash lines up 40 movie titles

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Brash Entertainment is to spearhead the convergence of film and gaming by releasing 40 blockbuster movie-based titles, all developed closely alongside their film counterparts.

The growing company boasts intimate ties with Hollywood's most prestigious movie studios – and has told MCV that gaming has become the talk of Tinseltown.

There is a strong sense that film and games are tied together, so creative partnerships between movies and games have become very important,” said Brash co-founder, chairman and CEO Mitch Davis.

We're very proud to have an excellent relationship with Warner Bros, Fox, Lionsgate, Universal and several others, so we really have a breadth and depth of portfolio.”

The first big-name movie titles to emerge will be developed by its first two star studio signings Game Republic and Factor 5 – but these partnerships are just the start for Brash, added Davis.

They are two important signings for Brash and it's a sign of what we want to do,”  he commented.

We will make a series of announcements over the coming months to continue to show that we want to build very strong partnerships across the globe – we have a lot of very, very high quality licences.

"This is a big, big market that continues to grow at a significant rate in the console, PC, MMO and also the mobile sector.”