'Brexit' usurps 'Trump' as most common disease name in Plague Inc

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‘Brexit is the most popular disease name in NdemicCreation's Plague Inc at the moment.

This was announced by the game's official Twitter account (below), which also pointed out that ‘Trump' has been pushed to second place. Meanwhile, ‘Death' holds the No.3 spot.

Polygon reports that developer James Vaughan has said that 'Brexit' has already peaked in popularity, while 'Trump' has remained level.

Vaughan also said that it's normal for cultural references to make it into the game, citing the popularity of the name 'Obama' during the 2012 presidential election.

‘Brexit' is of course in reference to the British vote to leave the European Union last week. The decision to leave is particularly disappointing for the UK games industry, whichwas massively in favour of staying within the EU.

UK games trade bodies UKIE and TIGA have both outlined their positions on the Brexit.

Plague Inc is a title in which gamers create an infection, then try and spread it around the world with the end goal of eliminating mankind.