Bud Light All-Stars is a missed opportunity

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DreamHack Austin marked the beginning of Bud Light's first venture into esports. It also marked the end of any hope that Bud Light's first venture into esports would be any good.

When the beer brand announced two weeks ago that it would make an esports play, there was hope that its presence would perhaps open up new avenues for players and organizations. Other adult-oriented brands have long been a part of the esports world, but few of them are part of a company that brought in nearly $10 billion in profit in a single year, as Bud Light's owners Anheuser-Busch InBev did in 2015. The company would certainly have the resources to make a big play if it wanted to do so.

Judging by the list of nominees that could be named Bud Light All-Stars, the company will not be making that big play.

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