Burnout iOS game confirmed

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Downloadable Xbox Live and PSN game Burnout Crash will be heading to the iPad and iPhone this year.

EA's Criterion Games studio has ported the top-down car crash game to Apple's iOS platform. The publisher says it will arrive this holiday season” on iPad, iPad 2 and iPhone 4.

The iOS game will include three modes, 18 traffic junctions, six locations and an ‘80s-inspired soundtrack featuring Vanilla Ice and Gloria Estefan. Players can also compete in head-to-head challenges online.

We're very excited to bring Burnout Crash to iOS,” said the game's creative director Richard Franke.

The game's super simple controls make it perfect for a mobile platform and it will give Burnout fans a chance to take the fun of Crash mode with them wherever they are.”

TV star David Hasselhoff appeared in a series of promotional videos for the game.

The Burnout franchise has been around since 2001.