Call of Duty creators' next game is an Xbox exclusive - report

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Those sleuths over at US site Kotaku believes it has all the information about a major new Xbox exclusive.

Respawn Entertainment – the team set-up by the creators of Call of Duty – has built a futuristic online multiplayer-centric shooter that pits giant Titans against heavily armed foot soldiers.

But the highly anticipated new IP is not coming to PS4, PS3 or Wii U, the site claims. And in fact will be an Xbox 360 and next Xbox exclusive release. That's a big coup there for Microsoft, if it turns out to be accurate.

Apparently the new game will be always-online, which is bound to cause some concern from avid gamers who have witnessed recent failed always-online launches, including SimCity.

Respawn Entertainment was set up in 2010 by Vince Zampella and Jason West, the two men in charge of Activision-owned Call of Duty studio Infinity Ward. The two very publicly fell out with the publisher and subsequently jumped into bed with its main rivals, EA.

Activision has its own sci-fi online shooter in the works called Destiny, which has been created by Halo developers Bungie.

Respawn tweeted today: "Wow! Lots of speculation tonight. Great to see excitement about our project but you'll all have to wait for E3 for details."