Ever since I left the Chug Jug you, got a reputation for yourself now

Canadian rapper Drake took to Twitch last night to play Fortnite with Twitch streamer Tyler 'Drake' Blevins, and the pair's collaboration broke the all-time concurrent viewers record on Twitch.

Over 600,000 people watched the Hotline Bling singer, along with musician Travis Scott and American football player JuJu Smith-Schuster, play Fortnite for a couple of hours, which both smashed the 388,000 record previously set by PUBG streamer Dr DisRespect

Drake revealed a few details about himself on the stream. He's pro pineapple on pizza, which is small news for us as a business magazine but a large deal for me personally. He's also been playing Fortnite for the last month or two on the PS4 as a way to take a break while in the studio.

It's a coup for the title, which seems to be stealing both players and attention from the rest of the battle royale genre. It's also a pretty big win for Twitch, and shows that big audiences can be generated pretty easily by chucking celebrities into a popular game. This team-up bagged Ninja an extra 50,000 subscriptions, meaning he'll be riding the wave of his celebrity guests both financially and in popularity for a while yet.