Canadians suffer video game RRP increase

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The price of new video games appears to have been hiked in Canada.

HardcoreGamer reports that publishers have upped the price of new releases from $69.99 CAD to $74.99 CAD. The increase comes less than a year after Canadian game prices were raised $5 from $64.99 CAD.

The change is likely due to the currency's falling price against the US dollar. $74.99 CAD is about equal to the US game RRP of $59.99.

The new price has been implemented at Amazon and EB Games Canada.

Before you post out the sympathy cards, however, note that $74.99 CAD equates to just 39 here in the UK, where new releases can cost as much as 55 or even 60 on day one – although savvy buyers can often find titles for 40-45 (or, on PC, even as low as 20-30) if they shop around online a little.

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