Capcom profits down after "sluggish" year

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It may not have impressed critics, but Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City has delivered the goods for Capcom at retail.

Not that it was enough to stop Capcom posting some disappointing numbers. Revenues for the fiscal year ending March 31st were down 16 per cent at $1.02bn. Profits fell 13 per cent to $84.2m.

In total Operation Raccoon City sold 1.7m units across Europe and the US – in addition to the 250k+ it sold in Japan – making it Capcom's 25th best-selling title of all time.

3DS title Monster Hunter 3G has also sold well, shifting 1.6m units in Japan. Worldwide sales of Street Fighter X Tekken came in below expectations at 1.4m.

For the current fiscal year Capcom expects revenues to jump 27.9 per cent and profits to rocket by 45.7 per cent.