Champ Man - the cheapest big release ever

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Okay, so it's really being sold for 2.51, given there's a ‘transaction fee' added into the mix, but it's still the lowest ever price for a new game release.

It's not strictly an original move – misery rock band Radiohead did a similar thing with its 2007 album In Rainbows - but it's new for our industry.

From one point of view, it's a gimmick to remind people that the game exists in a genre so dominated by Sega and Sports Interactive's Football Manager.

From the other, it's a sign that Eidos, reinvigorated after the Square buyout and enjoying positive buzz for Arkham Asylum, is genuinely trying something innovative – a rare commodity in our trade these days.

More importantly, at a time when pricing is such a big issue for everyone, it's a brave move – despite the assurances that the parallel retail release will include lots of extras in the box.