Codemasters bets on Wii success

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Codemasters is targeting older Wii owners with its upcoming roster of games – in an attempt to grow its market share on the format.

The publisher is set to release Overlord Dark Legend, Cricket 09, Dirt 2 and Formula One for the Wii this year.
Nintendo benefits from broad support as demonstrated by the offerings piling into it,” Codemasters CEO Rod Cousens told MCV.

The typical demographic is well served and it could be said is spoilt for choice.

Our research suggests moving beyond that and appealing to an older element with a game design that reflects that but targeted to the family as a whole.

Each game in our upcoming range for Wii has been specifically designed for the format and our presence on the platform may well increase as a consequence. We pick our bets.”

Codemasters' line-up on other formats this calendar year includes Overlord 2 and Minions, Cricket: The Ashes, Dirt 2 and Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising.

That's a great line-up,” added Cousens. It plays to our strengths, has global appeal for the most part, the emphasis is on quality and it gives the consumer very high entertainment value.

We're not complacent, and we're respectful of our competitors. But we also believe that we will take some beating in certain segments – and that is something that our employees should take pride in.”