Coveted Destiny add-on sells 1.1m+ units in one weekend

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Bungie temporarily put a highly sought after weapon up for sale in Destiny last week, and the resulting stampede of interests demonstrates the ongoing interest in Activision's title.

The Ice Breaker sniper rifle was for one weekend offered for sale by in-game vendor Xur. The result? 1,143,320 were purchased by players, netting Xur 19,436,440 gold coins – which, incidentally, would have been earned by players in-game.

The developer also said that in its first 24 hours its new Raid, Corta's End, had been played 557,354 times by 3,344,124 Guardians. That's double the numbers boasted by previous Raid, Atheon.

We're working every day to make Destiny perform better and give you new reasons to blow our minds with your contributions to the world we all share,” the studio said. Keep talking to us about what you're seeing out in the wild, and don't pull any punches about the things you want us to work on.

That job is never finished. And we'll have more to share soon about the next updates to the game.”