Crossy Road gets its own official merchandise store

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Street-traversing simulator Crossy Road has become the latest mobile hit to earn its very own branded merchandise.

The free-to-play title was launched last November by developer Hipster Whale, and has gone onto attract more than 90 million players.

Inspired by the voxel-laden style of the game and its zoological roster of characters, the Crossy Road store currently features a range of T-shirt designs, including takes on The Beatles' Abbey (Crossy) Road, the ubiquitous selfie craze and a blocky chicken that simply says ‘deal with it'. Obviously.

Announcing the store, Hipster Whale added that new products, clothing, gifts and accessories would be added to its catalogue as time goes on.

We think there's something for everyone in Crossy Road and we have worked hard to ensure that universal appeal is evident in our clothing range as well as our game,” said Hipster Whale's Matt Hall.