Darksiders II is THQ's second most pre-ordered game

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THQ has big plans for the future of Darksiders II that goes beyond the game's launch this summer.

Darksiders II arrives on 360, PS3 and PC on August 21st, with a Wii U version to come. It's the second-highest pre-ordered title in THQ's history, behind last year's Saints Row: The Third.

Given THQ's focus on building high demand core franchises, and the fact that Darksiders II will be our next release this year, the game is a very important title for us,” said UK marketing director Jon Rooke.

We have long-term plans to continue marketing and building the Darksiders franchise through all post-launch content. We are also anticipating bringing the Darksiders franchise to a new consumer with a Wii U SKU for launch on that console.

We expect Darksiders II to be one of the first highly anticipated titles after the summer lull. Looking at how pre-orders are tracking, the feedback from retail and the consumer reaction, we expect Darksiders II to perform very well at retail.”