Datel releases Wii Freeloader

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In-game cheats specialist Datel has released a Wii version of its Freeloader software that will allow owners of the console to play games from a different global region.

The software follows on from Datel's successful GameCube product, which became a big hit with importers owing to the often long delays between Japanese and North American releases and the arrival of titles in Europe.

It was thought at one stage that a Wii version of the product might not be possible owing to the console's use of a front-feeding disc drive as opposed to a top-loading mechanism.

However, it seems that Wii Freeloader works much the same way as the previous release. Simply load up the disc, and when prompted press eject and insert your US or Japanese game release.

The Wii Freeloader costs 9.99.

A US version is also available for American NTSC console owners.