Deals that shook the industry: 2/10

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The US markets woke up with a bump on Monday, December 20th, when EA announced it has snaffled a 20 per cent stake in Gallic rival Ubisoft on the French exchange.

The only block of voting shares still greater than EA's was that held by the Guillemot family, who at the time controlled 28 per cent.

The Wall Street Journal estimated the acquisition cost EA between $85 and $100 million.

A Ubisoft rep told Reuters: Pending further information, we consider this operation as hostile.” Sound familiar, Take Two?


In August 2007, Electronic Arts upped its stake in Ubisoft to 24.86 per cent – or 6.99 million shares. And some say the company is keen to go even further still once the small matter of Take Two is all taken care of…

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