Deep Silver: 'Consolidation doesn't scare us'

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The CEO of Deep Silver parent Koch Media has told MCV he is confident that the label can avoid direct competition against the likes of EA, Activision and Ubisoft – and be an independent success.

Speaking in a wider interview, Klemens Kundratitz said that the company had to "play our game differently" in order to be successful in a mrket where consolodation is increasing - and added that the firm had history on its side.

He told MCV:

"We know the games to play, being an independent. There's no reason to believe that the business will only be made up from existing global players. I believe there is room for independents – as long as the independents play their games well – it's a different game that we play in the market.

"We try not to compete directly with the global players, but concentrate on being a major alternative and to be quicker and closer to the market. It's a skillset which includes many aspects of operating as an independent and I think we've proved to play that way well for many years.

"Even in a consolidating market and with everybody talking about skyrocketing development costs, there's absolutely room for a successful independent."

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