Desura, Indie Royale parent company Bad Juju files for bankruptcy

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Bad Juju – the parent company of digital game distribution network Desura and game bundle seller Indie Royale – has filed for bankruptcy.

Speaking withGamasutra, Bad Juju's head of developer relations Lisa Morrison expressed her surprise regarding the news.

I asked Tony [Novak, CEO of Bad Juju] for confirmation and all he could tell me was, ‘The lawyers have said I can't say anything or answer any questions yet, but yes it's true,'” Morrison said.

I'm just shocked right now...stunned,” she said. I had no idea this was coming.”

The bankruptcy compounds the situation developers partnered with Desura find themselves in, following last month's reports that the company was behind on payments to game developers.

Bad Jujuacquired Desurafrom Second Life developer Linden Lab last November.