FIFA 18 qualifies from a weak group with yet another summer No.1

Want to put six goals past a sub-par Panamanian team? Well you're not alone. Last week's pan-European digital chart placed FIFA 18 on top once again – as the continent's (with the possible exceptions of Holland and Italy) football fans look for something to fill those otherwise punditry filled gaps between group games.

That aside, it's a quiet period out there for games, proven by the fact that GTA V has risen again to No.2 in the charts. If there's anyone left who doesn't have a copy of the best-selling game of all time then please get in touch with the team here and we'll dig one out for you. Seriously, though, who doesn't have this game already?

Moving down we hit a couple of more recent titles, Gran Turismo Sport and God of War, both from Sony and both recently discounted. Horizon Zero Dawn and The Last of Us Remastered are also in the Top 10.

EA is still shifting copies of Battlefield 1 and Need for Speed: Payback at competitive prices, while the perennial hit that is Rainbow Six Siege keeps drawing in new players at No.6.

GSD week 24 aggregated digital chart Top 10

GSD week 24 aggregated digital chart Top 10

There's really little else to say based on these rankings, the only relatively new title further down the list is plucky little Yarny in Unravel Two. This launched at E3 and is currently holding the No.15 spot. Though how that translates into actual sales numbers at this time of year is hard to gauge.

Our sporting tip for next week? Well, Mario Tennis just launched to solid retail sales on Nintendo Switch, and with the Championship just a week away, it looks like Nintendo have timed their shot to perfection. However, you won't see that here, as Nintendo isn't playing ball with GSD, withholding its eShop sales figures. 


Tim Wilson Qutee headshot 16-9

Is FIFA still at the top of its game?

Tim Wilson, founder and CEO of Qutee, reports on the data-discussion platform's findings on FIFA 18 and how 94% of the players surveyed feel that "EA Sports is bad at communicating with the FIFA community"