Digital revenues will overtake boxed retail in 2013, says Eidos life president

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While digital distribution in games has been growing year-on-year, revenues from digital sales haven't managed to surpass traditional boxed retail yet, especially in the console space. Eidos life president Ian Livingstone thinks that is set to change in 2013.

If you look at what's happening in the UK, retail has suffered badly. Lots of retailers have closed and there's the perception that the games market is dying, but it's anything but dying; it's growing. The global software market is $50 billion and that's going to rise to $90 billion by 2015,” Livingstone told MCV while in India to promote Tomb Raider.

The simple truth is that games are moving from being a product to being a service, from analog to digital, and from premium to freemium. I'd say this year we're going to reach the point where revenues derived from online content are going to be greater than revenues generated from boxed product at retail,” Livingstone said

Companies have to adapt their business models, and you can be sure that the growth is going to be in the digital space and not in boxed products,” he added.

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