Dishonored: Definitive Edition rumoured for PS4, Xbox One

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Bethesda's Dishonored may b the next title in line for a next-gen makeover and re-release.

VG247 reports that a listing for a SKU named Dishonored: Definitive Edition has cropped up on the pages of the Brazilian classification website.

No other details are included beyond the name of the publisher and the year of production, which is given as 2015.

The game has previously been the subject of a Game of the Year release on PS3, 360 and PC but the ‘Definitive Edition' moniker has not previously been used – hence the speculation that a next-gen release could be on the cards.

Definitive Edition, incidentally, was the name used for Square Enix's PS4 and Xbox One re-release of Tomb Raider.

The news comes following chatter late last week that the long-rumoured Dishonored 2 won't make an appearance at E3 next month – although Fallout 4 might, it is said.