Disney swoops for iPhone's Tapulous

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Disney isn't just interested in acquiring giants like Marvel, it's interested in smaller independents - and according to a new report tonight the firm has bought Tap Tap Revenge developer Tapulous.

The creator of an iPhone/iPad game that has spawned two sequels, a lucrative in-game music store and a number of artist-branded spin-offs will join Disney to boost its presence in mobile, TechCrunch reports.

It's a smart move by Disney, presuming the report is true - Tapulous boasts Guitar Hero-like relations with the music industry and has proven both a good seller of apps and in-app game content.

CEO and founder Bart Decrem and COO Andrew Lacy will join Disney as VPs, TechCrunch says.

Disney has not yet officially confirmed the report - its presumed the Tapulous team will be part of the firm's Interactive Studios group, which includes studios across the USA and UK, and produces content for all platforms from web to console.

The firm recently joined an investment round that saw $33m given to Facebook games firm Playdom.

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