Disturbance in the Force leaves Star Wars 1313 facing uncertain future

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There are concerns about the future of LucasArts' promising looking next-gen action title Star Wars 1313.

Kotaku has word from three separate sources that development of the game has been put on hold, although LucasArts itself insists that work on the title is continuing.

Problems arose, it is claimed, following Disney's acquisition of George Lucas' empire late last year. It seems that with new films now in the pipeline, Darth Vader's new owners are reluctant to greenlight any Star Wars project not tied into these movies.

1313 had already undergone a significant revision. Apparently it was originally planned to be a Knights of the Old Republic style open-world RPG that explored the seedier underbelly of the Star Wars universe, tying in with a TV series that was being planned at the time.

Themes it would touch upon included terrorism, the effect of crime and families and even prostitution.

However, these plans were scaled back in 2010 owing to – surprise surprise – budgetary concerns. The game was then given a writing overhaul following the cancellation of the associated TV series. Its new direction saw it follow the Uncharted model, while work on various other Star Wars spin-offs – including a Call of Duty style FPS – was also planned.

George Lucas himself was reportedly very impressed when he first saw the project, and the game was progressing nicely by the time it was first revealed at E3 2012.

That was until the Disney acquisition.

The new owners aren't keen on anything not directly associated with the new JJ Abrams movie. And having been stung in the triple-A console space before, the worry is that the game might even be scrapped completely.

These concerns were only amplified when 1313 failed to make an appearance at Sony's PS4 showcase last week. The hope was that with the next-gen finally unveiled, LucasArts' veil of secrecy surrounding the game could be lifted. But while LucasArts is still listed as an official PS4 developer, the game's no-show is certainly a reason for concern.