Does Overwatch's new Skill Rating undervalue supports and tanks?

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The new competitive mode in Overwatch went live just a few days ago, and everyone's grinding for their golden guns.

The mode uses a new Skill Rating metric to rank players, with higher ratings earning more points towards buying special cosmetic rewards at the end of the season. The Rating, a number on a 1 to 100 scale, is designed to measure just how good a player is at Overwatch. A Skill Rating of 50 is about average, meaning you're better than about half the playerbase. Bump that up to 60 rating, and you're in the top 10 percent of players. The highest rating at the moment belongs to Swedish pro Andr "iddqd" Dahlstrm at 83. Only 14 players rank 80 and above, most of them superstars on pro teams. Skill Rating is clearly doing its job well—for the most part.

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