Dragon's Dogma expansion heading to the UK this April

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The follow-up to Capcom's well-received RPG Dragon's Dogma will be released in a matter of months.

The publisher confirmed that Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen will arrive in the UK and Europe on April 26th, according to VG247. That's three days after the US release on April 23rd.

It will be released both digitally and as a boxed product and will retail for 19.99. The expansion adds a new area to the game world, more quests and new enemies, as well as extra items and abilities for the Pawn sidekicks.

Capcom also confirmed players will be able to use their original Dragon's Dogma save with Dark Arisen, allowing their characters to earn new high-level skills.

Dragon's Dogma shifted more than 1m units in its first month on sale last year, with Capcom claiming the new IP could become "a major franchise".