DSi update cripples flash cards

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Nintendo's latest firmware update for its recently released handheld revamp the DSi renders many of the market's high-profile flash card readers unusable, according to reports.

CVG claims that the new firmware stops a number of the controversial systems inoperable, including iPlayer, EZVi and AK2I.

One of the main uses of DS flash card offerings is for the playing of illegally downloaded game ROMS off the internet, meaning users are able to access any title without purchasing it.

This isn't the first time Nintendo has tried to nullify the piracy threat via a firmware update – and if past history is to be believed, most of the popular cards will sadly release a fix in the coming days.

The move comes just days after Ubisoft accused piracy of being one of the main factors behind its dramatic 67 per cent drop in annual DS software sales.