E3 2010: MGS Rising might support Kinect

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Support for Microsoft's Kinect has not been confirmed for Metal Gear Solid: Rising, a producer working on the game has confirmed.

Though it was never explicitly stated that the game would support Microsoft's camera, it was at the very least heavily inferred. Series creator Hideo Kojima said of the title:

As the executive producer on MGS: Rising, I felt it was important for my team to come up with something new and unique for their first Xbox 360 project.”

We then saw a video that showed plenty of precision chopping of various things – enemies, cars… even fruit.

However, it now turns out that support for Kinect is far from a given.

We are, yes, experimenting on both [Move and Kinetic,” was the simply response from creative producer Shigenobu Matsuyama when asked by IGN if motion support is planned for the game.