E3 2015: When are all of the conferences?

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Bethesda's conference launched E3 in impressive fashion, but we still have another seven events to go in the next two days.

First up is the Xbox conference, which takes place today (Monday) at 17:30 UK time, followed in quick succession by EA's eventand Ubisoft's briefing, at 21:00 and 23:00 respectively.

Then Sony finishes up the day– the PlayStation company's conference takes place at 2am tomorrow (Tuesday) morning.

And the next day, Nintendo leads the charge with its digital event at 17:00.

That's followed by Square Enix's conference at 18:00, while the PC Gaming Show is at 1am Wednesday morning.

Below is the full schedule:

Sunday, June 14th

18:30 PDT (UK time, Monday June 15th at 2:30am): Bethesda Press Conference

Monday, June 15th

09:30 PDT (UK time 17:30): Xbox Press Conference

13:00 PDT (UK time 21:00): Electronic Arts Press Conference

15:00 PDT (UK time 23:00): Ubisoft Press Conference

18:00 PDT (UK time, Tuesday, June 16th at 02:00): PlayStation Press Conference

Tuesday, June 16th

09:00 PDT (UK time 17:00): Nintendo Digital Event

10:00 PDT (UK time 18:00) Square Enix Press Conference

17:00 PDT (UK time Wednesday June 17th, 01:00): PC Gaming Show