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E3: The Industry Survival Guide

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So you are in LA for the 2015 Electronics Entertainment Expo. But how can you get the most out of the show? And where should you visit?

MCV has once again asked the games industry for their top secret tips on getting the most out of this year's event.


Wear comfortable shoes and plan a lunch break so you can sit for a while.
- Gurdeep Hunjan, Sainsbury's

If you can still remember how to skateboard, take it. Or borrow a relative's micro-scooter. All those minutes saved dashing between halls, hotels and other venues add up to hours; hours you can cram even more meetings into. It sounds daft, but it works for me. And it makes it easy for people to spot you when looking for you for a meeting.
- Will Freeman, freelance journalist

Turn your My Fitness Pal'app off as it's about the calories. To survive E3, it's all about eating your own body weight for breakfast – even if its food you wouldn't dream of eating at that time of day. You won't have time for anything unless you are partial to copious boiled sweets with some company's logo running through it, mint imperials or pretzels, which are after 18 E3s I still can't work out if there is any flavour to them.
- Spencer Crossley, Warner Bros

If you are wall-to-wall meetings, go outside into the sun just to recharge. The mobile food trucks are there, too. A fresh lobster roll is so much better than dried up chicken strips from the main hall.
- Steve Merrett, Voltage PR

If you're working the show, you never get a chance to play the games and usually you don't get to catch up on what's new until you get online back at your hotel room. If you want a fuss free sneaky way to check out the games, get to the Convention Center early, you can get access early but ONLY if you're an exhibitor. If you're friendly and discrete, you can often sweet talk the staff to allow you to have a go on the new games before any lines start at all.
- Alex Verrey, Mad Catz

Don't accept meetings with people from your home country that you could just as easily have any day of the week back home!
- Tim Woodley, 505 Games

Walk round to the Nokia Plaza for lunch (if time permits) seeing daylight and having a nice lunch helps with jetlag. Get your coffee at the Starbucks in the Plaza before going back to the show to avoid the always awful queue for coffee at LACC. And it goes without saying where flat comfy shoes - no-ones going to be looking at your feet - pack blister plasters just incase. Also don't forget it might be hot outside but some of the meeting rooms in the show can be chilly so layer up.
- Shelly Pearce, Nintendo

Register as a Retail VIP buyer (if you're allowed), the lounge is fantastic. And ensure that you book out at least 2 hours to queue for a coffee in the mornin
- Anonymous distributor

Don't be tempted to push to the front rows of the First Party gala presentations. Keep to the back rows or exits to leave as soon as it's over to get to the front of the car valet queue.
- Tim Woodley, 505 Games

Trainers are your best friend during the show and if you need to buy some, go to the Nike store in Santa Monica!. Have a breakfast with a Steak, it will help with any hangover and will give you enough energy to run all the day. Saving the never ending queue at the Convention Center. And finally, bring your ID with you: There are now random check at the E3 entrance, not so much the first day, but from the second onward they do random checks to make sure you are the person that is on your pass.
- Stefano Petrullo, Renaissance PR


Uber Pool – you can go anywhere in the city for $7 if you don't mind sharing a cab – which you rarely do.
- Gareth Williams, Premier PR

For God's sake use Uber!
- Caroline Miller, Indigo Pearl

Taxi can be a nightmare, go out from the South Hall main entrance and go left following the building. Then you will see a taxi rank. Do not panic if there is a queue… LA cabbie are like ants, when they smell business they came very quickly.
- Stefan Petrullo, Renaissance PR

Uber is probably the best thing you can use out there, no waiting around after conferences for taxis.
- Matt Roache, 2K Games

Finally, it is around $3 to $5 return on the underground to the show from Hollywood – so if you are around Sunset get a hotel shuttle to the tube and save around $60 in a cab each way. (And save a lot of time).
- Garry Williams, Sold Out

Take an Uber wherever possible and use the CityMapper app… it is time to ditch google maps.
- Ben Le Rougetel, Indigo Pearl


The Original Pantry is a great old diner near the convention centre and serves meals round the clock - but it's cash only. It's also a great place for journalists to hang out and earwig developers talking about things they shouldn't.
- Dan Griliopoulos, freelance journalist

If you are staying downtown go for steak at Nik & Steff's and then drinks at the Edison.
- Shelly Pearce, Nintendo

The Magic Castle Hotel – by Hollywood tube – is a great place to stay… and above it there isa great Japanese place to eat that is full of tricks and magicians.
- Garry Williams, Sold Out

Show food is disgusting, plus it's a nightmare to get a good glass of wine at the convention centre. You need to head to Palm Restaurant about two blocks away 1100 S. Flower Street, where you will bump into the great and the good of the industry escaping from publishers competing sound systems and enjoying an excellent glass of chilled white Californian Wine. If your boss has stepped out for a meeting” they will be here.
- Caroline Miller, Indigo Pearl

Truffle cheese fries from Umami Burger are always a good idea.
- Team Xbox

Never eat from the Hot Dog vendor stalls outside Los Angeles Convention Center.
- Anonymous distributor

Don't believe the haters – the filthy chicken sold in the LACC cafeteria is delicious.
- Andy Robinson, Playtonic Games


Hollywood is over, and can we please all stop going to the Saddle Ranch, Downtown has loads of cool little dive bars that are dark and dingy and sell excellent cocktails, like Seven Grand on 7th Street who also have an amazing Whiskey collection .
- Caroline Miller, Indigo Pearl

Don't believe the haters – the filthy chicken sold in the LACC cafeteria is delicious.
- Andy Robinson, Playtonic Games

The Sunday is usually spent drinking in The Farmers Market. Barneys Beanery, which is behind The Red Rock on Sunset, is the best place for pool outside of the Santa Monica area. And since they shut the very last dive bar (The Power House) by the Hollywood walk of fame… there's nothing much left that is interesting.
- Garry Williams, Sold Out

First, know that the person in control of the mechanical bull at the Saddle Ranch does take bribes to slow it down for you (*from a trusted source). Follow up to that: never end up at the Saddle Ranch.
- Team Xbox

Harvelle Santa Monica. It is near the pier, non-touristy and had jazz music and burlesque shows. IT was established in 1931 and has a very nice atmosphere. Also, Bungalow, Santa Monica. That is a very popular local high class cocktails bar and club in Santa Monica. Good cocktails and a mix of locals and high class people.
- Stefano Petrullo, Renaissance PR

- Ben Le Rougetel, Indigo Pearl

See you at the Saddle Ranch.
- Pretty much everyone (even the ones who say not to go)