EA and GAME team up for in-store Reward Points giveaway

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A new Battlefield: Hardline promotion has kicked off today in the UK's GAME stores.

It asks that customers pay a visit to their local GAME and use a new feature in its mobile app to sweep the store for evidence”. Once said evidence is discovered, users must watch a trailer for the game on their phone, pre-order the game, get given a t-shirt and then, upon purchase get 1,000 additional Reward Points.

We are delighted to be teaming up with EA to bring Battlefield Hardline to life for our customers in a really unique way,” GAME's marketing director Fred Prego said. We know that like us, our customers want to turn everything into a game so we're glad to bring this to the shopping experience.

This unique challenge will offers a great incentive for customers to get involved and is something you won't find anywhere else on the market.”

There's also a Battlefield: Hardline competition taking place at a secret Central London location” for eight days from March 18th, with the winning team set to win 10k. It's called ‘Battlefield Hardline: Live and is described as a one-hour controlled yet immersive experience”.

Places can be won via the evidence sweep promo.

The game itself is due out in the UK on March 20th.