EA cancels Starbreeze title

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One of the titles that was due to emerge from the recent partnership between publisher EA and developer Starbreeze has been cancelled, the developer has confirmed – though which title has been canned remains a mystery.

EA had previously confirmed that Starbreeze was working on a brand new title based on Robert Ludlum's Bourne action franchise following EA's capturing of the games rights from Ludlam Entertainment.

In addition, the publisher also claimed that Starbreeze was at work on a reinvention of one of its classic IPs – believed by many to be the gritty Bladerunner-like Syndicate franchise.

We will continue to focus only one a big production together with EA,” Starbreeze CEO Johan Kristiansson stated.

Our relationship with EA is stronger than ever and the aim now is to spend more resources on the game that demonstrated the greatest potential. This game is already in full production.”

No job losses are expected as a result of the cancellation.

Only yesterday EA asserted its intentions to cut back on investing in new IP or risky projects, with focus instead shifting to sequels and its core IP.

Does that mean the Bourne title is the one more likely to have faced the chop? We'll have to wait and see.