EA hits $1bn annual digital revenue target

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In July of last year MCV ran a piece entitled Riccitiello's $1bn digital dream”. Now, six months later, we can confirm that the EA CEO's dreams have come true.

Having confirmed the publisher's achievement, Riccitiello described it as an incredibly important milestone".

The most pleasing thing for EA is that it hasn't put all its digital eggs in one basket. Be it Facebook, FIFA Ultimate Team, Star Wars: The Old Republic or Origin, EA's thumbs are well and truly fingering a wide assortment of digital pies.

Compare this to Activision, whose digital strategy struggles to reach out beyond the declining World of Warcraft and the (admittedly world-conquering) Call of Duty series.

In an attempt to build on the success, EA has also confirmed a reorganisation of its digital teams, with both the social gaming division and EA Interactive being integrated into all of its other divisions.

This effectively means that digital is being repositioned as a significant focus in every EA games division.