EA: Knights of the Fallen Empire is a 'Bioware-style' expansion for Star Wars: The Old Republic

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Battlefront wasn't the only Star Wars EA game to have news at this year's E3.

MMO Star Wars: The Old Republic is getting an expansion in the form of Knights of the Fallen Empire,

Revealed on-stage, the expansion is said to be a 'massive' add-on, adding new recruitable companions and a story that will be dynamically shaped by players' actions.

It was specifically said to be a 'Bioware-style' addition, with the title recalling the studio's critically-acclaimed Knights of the Old Republic franchise.

Although The Old Republic went free-to-play last year, this new expansion will be free to those who continue to pay the game's premium subscriber free.

Knights of the Fallen Empire is due out October 27th of this year.