EA: No Xmas price rises from us

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Publishing giant EA insists it will not follow Activision's lead in raising the SRP of its biggest titles this Q4. A company spokesperson told MCV:

There has been no change in our trade pricing policy and there will be no change in RRP.”

Meanwhile, one UK boss of a top global publisher spoke anonymously to MCV – and defended Activision's position:

Retail moans to MCV, because they want a massive game like Modern Warfare for next to nothing.

"90 per cent of a publisher's business is done from barely 10 per cent of titles. In these tough times, these games cost a lot of money to develop – up to 50 million. With that pressure to see a return on their investment, I can sort of understand where Activision are going.

"If you look at the amount it costs to see a movie at the cinema or play a DVD, you watch it once and you're done. A 55 game of this quality is far, far better value.
Will this affect consumers? I don't think so. If a title is this good, will they spend an extra 5? Of course. You can't blame Activision. They're entitled to do this – they've invested huge amounts.

"I'm not sure the weak pound is the main reason for the rise. I think it's because Activision knows they've spent a huge amount to offer the best entertainment, at the best value money can buy – even if they do add a fiver to the price."