EA readying new IP for next-gen; aims for 1080p, 60 fps on PS4

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EA, which was strangely absent at Sony's unveiling on the PlayStation 4 a few days ago, has reacted positively to news of the new console and it's PC-like hardware architecture.

"We no longer have to constrain our games or ration computer graphics, memory or bandwidth," Electronic Arts chief technical officer Rajat Taneja said at the Morgan Stanley Technology, Media and Telecom Conference, adding, "We can let the games really flourish [in] 1080p, 60 frames a second" on PS4.”

Taneja said that the PS4's PC-like architecture would work "very smoothly" with DICE's PC-based Frostbite engine and would reduce development time. "What used to take months in the past will now take days to do," he said.

Reacting to the consoles online and social features, Taneja said, We are seeing new ways to approach our IPs like Battlefield and FIFA, and we're already beginning to use these learnings on new IP that we are building for this console generation."

"We are excited about Sony's news and the launch of the next-gen of consoles. At EA, we have never been as prepared or more ready for the start of a new console," Taneja said.

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Source: Polygon

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