EA: Saboteur gives gamers what they want

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Electronic Arts believes upcoming title The Saboteur may become a surprise hit thanks to its appealing premise.

The publisher is confident the game's strong marketing campaign will help it be seen as a must-have release for consumers when it arrives on December 4th.

The Saboteur delivers an experience we know gamers enjoy,” said product manager Kevin Flynn. It's a big sandbox world where the player has the freedom to do whatever they want and nothing is out of reach.

He added: Media advertising will be mixed but we'll definitely have a TV presence and strong online. Online will hopefully provide us a platform to really highlight the ‘black and white to colour' mechanic within the game, which gives us the stylish and beautiful interpretation of Nazi-occupied Paris.”

The Saboteur will be released on Xbox 360, PS3 and PC on December 4th.